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 Updated Clan Rules

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Updated Clan Rules Empty
PostSubject: Updated Clan Rules   Updated Clan Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 8:29 pm

Rule 8 of the Clan Makers section has been updated.

For Clan Makers:
1. Monitor that your clan members are not spamming (according to #2 from the Clan Members section).
2. Read and follow the Clan Members section, too.
3. You may have your clan participate in wars, but post in the wars forum, not in the general Clans forum. READ THE RULES THERE!
4. Actually give some thought into if you wouldn't just close the clan after one week or so.
5. You may form a set of your own rules for the clan, however, you are enforcing it. We won't have any consequences if someone breaks one of your rules that does not also fall under one of our rules. However, if you permaban someone from your clan, and they keep posting in the clan thread, that is considered breaking on of our rules, and they will be punished.
6. Put CLOSED at the top of your clan when you first make it in big, bold letters. Don't start the clan until it has been approved by a mod/admin of this forum.
7. All general forum rules apply, obviously.
8. Take time into making your Clan, and when it has started it, managing it. Spellcheck your work once you completed it. Although this is not a rule, it will help increase the likelihood of the clan being approved and increase your members: add artwork (you can get some by requesting it in an art shop in the Pokemon Art Shop and Sprite Shop forum). Once your clan is spellchecked, send it to some grammar Nazi, or someone about as close as you can get to one, and ask them to check it over for grammar, spelling, formatting, and sense. Then your all set!

For Clan Members:
1. All general forum rules apply.
2. SPAM is not allowed. What is allowed, how ever, is: discussion about clan/clan wars, in game help/questions, competitive battle questions/answers, posting battles. You can post off-topic things, HOWEVER, you only may if your post contributes something else to the discussion.
3. If your banned from a specific clan, don't post in it anymore. Period.
4. Don't be a jerk about a War win/loss.
5. You may only join one clan.
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Updated Clan Rules
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