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 Trade Rules

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PostSubject: Trade Rules   Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:11 pm

1. Follow all general PokeLand rules.
2. Do not ask for/offer hacked Pokemon or Items. This includes "fan events."
3. Be specific when requesting/offering. Do not say "offering shinies," say "offering UT level 5 shiny Totodile and Flawless Adamant EVed (252 atk 252 spe 4 HP) Mienshao" or something.
4. You may only post once every six posts (except in trade shops).
5. Don't conduct trades within the threads (except in trade shops, though trade shops still have rules on how much you can post; see the subforum for details). If you see something you want to offer on, PM the person.
6. Don't say "see my sig/website/shop/etc" for a list. You must post your list in the thread itself.
7. No trading for other-game goods, real money, or anything other than things within a Pokemon game, although you may trade for a service on Pokeland, like editing someone's fanfic, doing a banner, or constructing a list of OU sweepers and whether they are physical or special.
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Trade Rules
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