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 Sprite Mentoring/Tutoring Program

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adamc5739 (creator)
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Sprite Mentoring/Tutoring Program Empty
PostSubject: Sprite Mentoring/Tutoring Program   Sprite Mentoring/Tutoring Program I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 2:40 pm

If any of you have seen this on marriland then you probably have a good idea of what this is. This is where you go when you want to learn how to sprite from experienced spriters.
If you are going to apply to be a mentor make sure you have a lot of experience and feel that you are a good teacher and could help a newbie get better. Mentors also should be pretty active because they will be teaching them over PMs and should be able to recieve and send three PMs in one week.
Form to become a mentor:

I want to become a mentor.
Favorite Spriting type:
How long have i been spriting:
How good do I think I am on a scale of 1-10:
How much newbies will I take at a time:
Examples of sprites:

HOW TO MENTOR: if you are a mentor then you will have 1 month to mentor a newbie. When you mentor you should definitly start with the sprites that the newbie is comfortable with and what his skill level is. You will be PMing back and forth and you should teach by spriting types.

You should try to teach him as much spriting types as you can (but be detailed on each one) At the end of the month you give him a final test. So after you taught him spriting types you give him a final test on those spriting types and ask him to make one, say what they are and anything else you want. (NEWBIES: we encorage you to NOT look back at your pm's to see the answers, if you do that you wont learn as much).
*THE FINAL TEST IS DUE 3 WEEKS AFTER IT IS GIVING (mentors can change this if they want)
After you give the newbies the final test you send me the WHOLE set of PMs and tell me if your newbie passed or not.
Please be honest if you think he/she passed or not.
If the newbie passes: Newbie gets added to graduated Newbie section (once added he/she cannot be mentored again)
If newbie doesnt pass: Newbie can request another mentor or keep the same one and try again.

Here are the Mentors:
(none at the moment)

Newbies being mentored:
(none at the moment)

Graduated Newbies:
(none at the moment)

NEWBIES: if you want to be mentored PM a mentor and ask to be mentored and what skill level you think you are. So:
1. Read through this post
2. Pick a mentor
3. PM your chosen mentor asking if he has spots open
4. Be mentored
5. Learn to sprite! Very Happy

If you have any questions about this just ask Very Happy

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Sprite Mentoring/Tutoring Program
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