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 Anime Section Rules

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KB3 is KGB

KB3 is KGB

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PostSubject: Anime Section Rules   Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:23 am

Anime Section Rules
Follow them or DIE . . . not literally but you guys get the jest, right?

So, since this is the anime forum, you can discuss anything that has to do with the anime, in the appropriate sections, ranging from movies to the real anime. BUT, for the sake of the people who haven't seen the upcoming Japanese eps, keep them spoilered.
It's not really required, but we insist you do it.

Plus, all General Forum Rules must be followed here.

Sub-Forums and their purposes:

Pokemon Anime Discussion > Discuss anything about the Pokemon anime/movies

Alternate Anime > Any other anime that isn't Pokemon

Shippings > ah, the mysterious land of the Pokemon Shippers. Talk about a Pokemon pairing here.

And now for the sub-forum rules :

Read the thread topic before posting.
It's to help you not look stupid in the community. I mean, you don't want to post about ContestShipping in a topic titled 'Hilarious Moments in the Anime', would you? They'd get your love for ContestShipping all wrong *shakes head*

Go through all the topics before making a thread.
We don't want duplicate threads taking up space, do we? BUT we do not require you to look through archives xD

Discuss the Pokemon anime and movies ONLY.
Do not discuss Video Games such Assassin's Creed and MySims, Percy Jackson movies, hilarious videos of Cilan screaming like a girl, or ANYTHING un-related to the Pokemon anime!

Respect opinions.
The last thing we need is an all-out flame war. Yes, Fire-types are beast, but there's no need for you to show your love for them! We are all fire-type lovers here :3

I have a feeling this rule is going to be broken the most.
SPAM - stupid pointless annoying messages
Or, posts that don't contribute AT ALL to the conversation.

No character bashing
All of us have different tastes in characters, such as how I like Drew waaaayyyyyy more than Dawn, but suck it up and live with it.
Just ignore their fangasms and squeals, and you'll come out alive.

When posting new information, cite your source.
Half of those people out there won't believe you, even if you prove that you live in Japan -.-
So, provide a link to where you got the 411. So we can determine whether to believe or not
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KB3 is KGB

KB3 is KGB

Posts : 6
Reputation : 1
Join date : 2011-11-05
Location : I hate stalkers

PostSubject: Re: Anime Section Rules   Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:29 am

~ Post Reserved for FAQ ~

If you have any suggestions/questions, PM me
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Anime Section Rules
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