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 Pokemon RolePlaying Rules

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Ryōkōna Wolf


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PostSubject: Pokemon RolePlaying Rules   Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:57 pm

Of course, what's a Forum without rules? X3

1. No spamming/flaming

  • Spamming, eh. But flaming is a bigger thing. You can't be ganging up on a single member, or deny them the rights to join a RP. You can deny them fairly, but because they didn't let you join a RP is NOT a good reason. Also, you can't bash on a member OOC or BiC. Nor can you kill off a character without permission.

2. No godmodding

  • Godmodding is when you control a character without the member's permission. Controlling their actions and controlling a conversation are two different things, conversation it's own two things also. Controlling their actions is the bigger part of godmodding, and is a no-no. Conversations: if you are having a casual or informative conversation, then still, no godmodding. But if you and the character are on the phone or something, then you can do a godmod of what they say, as long as it's not too bad.


  • If a RP hasn't been posted in for a month, then it's dead. You can't post a member form or ask "is this still accepting?" More so if the leader is inactive.

4. Decent length posts

  • Please, make time to make some decently long posts. Don't be posting one sentence-. Details don't kill.

5. Stay active

  • Another reason RP's die is lazy members. Even worse is a lazy leader. Stay active in a RP.


7. Have fun Exclamation


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Pokemon RolePlaying Rules
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