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    Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:36 pm
    Message by Ryōkōna Wolf - Bubble Gum Battalion~
    ~Bubble Gum Battalion~

    Bubble Gum Battalion. We are fierce warriors, of course, when it comes to gum. However, don't take us lightly. At first we appear lithe and not dangerous, like a clear bubble, and then we end up popping in you're face, revealing we are actually made of rubbing alchohol~ Anime's also a big deal, hence the poster^^ If you translate the Japanese, you'll find details.


    1. No flaming/spamming

    2. All PokeCity rules apply here too, ya know

    3. Stay active, c'mon it won't kill you

    4. Application

    Gum Pack-アプリケーション

    Username -

    Optional Nickname -

    PO/WiFi Name -

    Friend Code/PO Server+Tier -

    Why You Join -


    Breath - Plain regular gum you have for freshening breath.

    Bubble - Somewhat better than regular gym. It's the average bubble gum that people chew to pass time.

    Lifesavers - Some decent gum. It's pretty good and low-leveled gum popping competitions use this for rookies.

    Fruit - This kind of gum is actually good for you, and very helpful.

    Spec - This gum is top 5 for bubble size, and don't taste too bad neither.

    Winter - 'Nuff said here. The all-time best kind of gum. Fresh and nice. These are the leaders.
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    Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:01 am
    Message by QMaz246 - Userbar
    I can try making the userbar. Can't guarentee anything.
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    Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:31 pm
    Message by adamc5739 (creator) - Rate my team rules.
    Should i make the rate my team rules? Or should you.
    I would prefer you so you can enforce them better, cause you made them but any way is fin.
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