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 PokeCity Rules

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adamc5739 (creator)
adamc5739 (creator)

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PostSubject: PokeCity Rules   PokeCity Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 1:11 pm


1.Respect other members.
2.No inappropiate discusion or language, dont swear
3.No spamming or flooding, do not double post, edit your first post instead
4.Keep your signature under 200 characters of text, although, if you wish to extend your signature, you may put it in a spoiler.
5.Dont give out personal info.
6.Listen to all mods and admins.
7.Do not "mini-mod" so if you see a rule being broken pm me or any other mod or admin and we will take care of it.
8. Just use common sense. Remember, if a mod thinks your doing something worthy of a warning or other punishment, they have the right to enforce it, even if its not currently a rule. If you have any problems with a mod that you think is being unfair, PM jazz14456 or I.

If a rule is broken, we will consider severity and past offenses. You may get anything from a PM warning, to a perm-ban.

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PokeCity Rules
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